Published Poetry

Moon Lust (Kyrielle)

Saw him standing; his back to me

glistening from sea spray boldly;

daring me to taste those cold drops

beneath Hecate's silver rays.

Taut honey gold body teasing,

pulling me forward, this aching

to mold myself against those drops

beneath Hecate's silver rays.

His hands gently tugging my hair,

searing lips heat the kiss we share

as our passion bursts like raindrops

beneath Hecate's silver rays.

Published in Nomad's Choir. Fall 2010, Vol. 18 Issue 4

Nights Of The Pharoah (Kyrielle)

She lay sprawled by the roaring fire,

midnight hair for him to admire.

Soft silk glowing, it begged his touch,

eyes color of mist and shadows.

Breath catching as he walked forward,

thinking this vision was conjured.

Her dark beauty almost too much,

eyes color of mist and shadows.

Pulling her into his arms firm,

his manhood wanting to affirm.

Her love he wanted so to touch,

eyes color of mist and shadows.

Published in Nomad's Choir. Summer 2011, Vol. 19 Issue 3

Love's Tempest

Lightning flashes against an angry sky, illuminating your face within the clouds, igniting a fire that burns my flesh. An ancient hunger needing quenched.

Nature taunts me with another bolt, my body responds with answering heat. Sweat pooling between my breasts as remembered kisses sear full lips.

Moans of passion escape to fill the air, when suddenly you appear with taut body. Broad chest shimmering with salty mist. Tempting my tongue to taste and trail.

My need raging like a forest fire, as you gently lay me upon the bed. Each sweet caress adding fuel releasing love's tempest in every stroke.

Honorable Mention. Southwest Writer's International Bi-Monthly Competition. Published Southwest Sage, September 2011.

Travel the Stars

Midnight mantled sky

filled with glittering diamonds.

Exotic places asking

to be discovered.

Sailing the ebony rivers

of our dreams to heavens distant stars.

Travelers in our minds,

wonder what we could find,

floating in yonder galaxy,

coasting the milky way

hopping from star to star.

Catch the sun slowly rising

into view against the horizon.

That glorious orb of fire

reaching across the 

universe to touch,

fingers ablaze in light

as I stand breathless

surrounded by God's love.

Published in Nomad's Choir. Summer 2013, Vol. 21, Issue 3


Ye would judge me would ye?

Call me monster and shiver,

scared I'm real, nae a dream.

Yet, you nae know me, just tales.

Thinking I creep in the night

to suck your life's blood.

It be not all fairy tales,

Aye, I need blood to survive.

I was once as you,

human trying to eke a living.

Until the night, against my will,

was converted and lost my world.

Walking, existing, trying to make sense, why me and not someone else. Praying god would show me.

Ye think that strange? I would live in the dark … silent.

Watching ye with Crimson eyes, hearing ye pulse beating, calling me to take, but a sip.

I could take ye life in a moment,

if I so wished, but that isna my way.

I just wish to live in peace,

aye we could be friends,

if you could get past the blood.

Don't we all live off the

life of another in some way?

Published in Hungur  Magazine, Walpurgisnacht 2011

Sam's Dot Publishing

All Hallows Eve

An eerie mist flows across the pasture, the cows moo nervously

flicking their tails, as the Whippoorwills cease their trills

even the crickets became dead silent.

Something wicked this way comes, wrapped inside a silent mist.

an ancient hunger, thirsting. A nameless yearning haunts the mist as it slowly moves into the town.

Like a lovers kiss, soft and gentle

it flows across the sleepy homes that dotted the deserted street.

Copious fingers splayed on the windows, seeking to find entry and sate its thirst.

It had no mind, this icy mist,

just hunger gnawing endlessly at its vacuous spirit. It vaguely remembers that it was once human.

Somewhere it lost its physical body, becoming this questing entity of darkness.

Searching for what, it really didn't know, it only wanted to fill the emptiness, this hole.

So, it continues spreading, an evil blanket. Smothering the valley with its blackness. Slowly feeding on the town's purest souls, as they slept in innocent repose ... unawares of the

Evil that walks this All Hallows Eve.

Published in Aoife's Kiss Magazine,

September 2011

Sam's Dot Publishing

Published Poetry

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