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I was a contributing writer for Netflix life and 1428 Elm and while I loved writing for them, I was spending all my time submitting  articles for them, that  I didn't have time for my own writing.

I decided to take a leap and now I write for myself  and although a majority of my stories tend to involve the desert., I'm also a Celtic Witch and I  love Ancient history and Celtic mythology. 

Astrology, Tarot, and the supernatural and paranormal worlds also marinade inside my stories. My ideal future is to write stories that blend elements from all of my favorite topics. The most important thing is  I write good stories using those elements.

I will be experimenting with different writing styles and stories until I find the best fit for my personality. I love writing articles sharing what I'v learned and likes, so my work will be a bit eclectic. I hope you enjoy my stories.


Coffee House Writers/Digital Fox Media


Coffee House Writers

Coffee House Writers

Coffee House Writers

Articles published with Coffee House Writers:

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39. The Infamously Haunted Boothill Graveyard

40. England Has Stonehenge – Tucson Has Saguarohenge


Digital Fox Media

Coffee House Writers

Coffee House Writers pg. 1 pg. 2


9. Haunted St. Louis Cemetery

10. Haunted Vacation at Solomon's Island


11. Is Howard Street Cemetery Haunted By A Wizard?

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Hulu Watcher

Articles Published As Independent Contributor

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1428 Elm Street


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Netflix Life


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Published Stories

Casa Grande Domes

Casa Grande Domes

Casa Grande Domes


Desert Dwellers

Casa Grande Domes

Casa Grande Domes


Evil Rides Storms

Casa Grande Domes

Evil Rides Storms


Lavender Eyes

Devil's Highway

Evil Rides Storms


Anthology of horror short stories and poetry. My short story titled "Lavender Eyes" was published in this issue.

Devil's Highway

Devil's Highway

Devil's Highway


Anthology of horror short stories. My short story titled "Devil's Highway" is published in this issue. 

Past Accomplishments

Work Published as Verona Winn

While interning the Santa Fe Literary News, I researched and reported on local poets and poetry happenings. Listed are the articles published with the news.

1.  A Night At El Farol's (October 20, 2010)

"When I ready my poetry this week at the Poetica at the El Faro restaurant, I was extremely nervous. I could say, I was as nervous as I was on my wedding, but that wouldn't be true. I knew most of the people staring at me in the church. Here at El Farol, on the other hand, I only knew the host, Nick Trimbell. Everyone else was a stranger.

Readers of memoirs, poetry and fiction, they were also my peers. That thought made my mouth dry. It's one thing to read your work in a classroom, it's another to read in front of an audience made up of fellow writers. Forget nervous, I was scared to death.

I drew the fourth spot, so I enjoyed the work of the three before me, building up my courage. Then I was on the podium, feeling the eyes on me, feeling myself turn beet red, trying to ignore them and just read. It seemed like an eternity to me, but it was ten minutes later, amidst applause and congratulations, that I  stepped off the podium. I did it. I was now a reader.

El Farol, on Canyon Road, claims to be Santa Fe's oldest cantina and restaurant  and has a rich culturual history in art and literature. The murals in the bar were painted by Santa Fe artist, Alfred Morang, who is less known for his fiction writing published in the 1930's. Trimbell read from one of his books last night. He said Morang was his inspiration for the creation of Poetica.

With the help of Santa Fe's Marisa Del Rio, Poetica's opening night was September 9, 2010, coinciding with Del Rio's birthday. Since then, every Monday night at 8pm, writers come to read at El Farol, some new like me, others returning, for socializing, eating great food, or the fantastic environment, but mostly for the love of the arts.

Starting the 25th of October, accounting for the winter, Poetica will move its start time to 7pm instead of the usual 8pm.

2. A.L. Kennedy Captures The Lensic Audience in her Lannan Appearance (October 23, 2010)

Joking that "she looked like a small man with breasts, " A. L. Kennedy strode on the stage of the Lensic Theater Wednesday night, October 20 as one of the authors in the Lannan Readings & Convention series. The author of six novels, five short story collections, and two works of non-fiction, Kennedy published her first book when she was only twenty-years old.

For the evening, Kennedy selected a reading from Day, a novel Royal Air Force tail gunner reliving his experiences in a World War II German prison camp. Her words transported the audience to a barroom bar scene. Her voice took on the speech patterns of the characters from her book. I was so caught up in the magic of her story telling, the humor, the camaraderie, chuckling at the bar humor, that when she switched from light-hearted to deadly serious, I missed it. A soldier was telling Alfred Day why they were served up pork. "Bacon, laddie," he said. "They feed us on bacon, because bacon is our meat. Wait till you catch it, or some bugger lands with a burning boy on board, wait and you'll understand. We're all just pork."

I felt guilty for laughing at the earlier humor, she had captured these men's thoughts, they didn't expect to survive the war, and they didn't even expect to make it back after each mission they flew. When they did, they grabbed life by the throat, savoring and milking each moment, believing it to be their last.

Kennedy has the rare gift of combining humor with realism, capturing the true personalities of real people and incorporating them into her fictional characters, telling their stories so well that readers connect with them.

Gill Dennis, who has written several screenplays, including "Walk the Line" based on the life of Johnny Cash, introduced Kennedy. After citing Kennedy's many publications and literary awards, he turned to the curtain where the author was waiting and quipped, "What did you do in your down time, A.L?

3. A Visit to the Poet's Corner at Tribes Coffee House (November 4, 2010)

I had been reading every week at El Faro's, so I wasn't too nervous when I decided to read at Tribes Coffee House poetry night on Mondays night. It was a smaller and more intimate audience than that of El Farol's. About eighteen of us gathered in one of the side rooms of the coffee house in Southwest Santa Fe. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming, as curious about me as I was of them.

Hosts Jim and Elizabeth Raby have held poetry night every month for three years at Tribes, developing a regular following. Elizabeth read a beautiful poem from her book of poetry titled Ink on Snow, published by Virtual Artists Collective. Even Jim, who admits he's not a poet, read ad a humorous piece he wrote on the spot. It was a very friendly and warm night.

Tribes Coffee House is located 3470-A Zafarano Drive, in the same shopping center as Lowe's and is behind the movie theater. Poetry readings are held the first Monday of every month at 7pm. Signups are 6:30pm and everyone is welcome.

4. After Winning Famed Writing Prize, Santa Fe Author Turns to Building Writing Graduate Program (November 6, 2010)

You would think winning $50,000 prize is enough excitement for any one person. But not for Matt Donovan.  When I caught up with him this past week, all he wanted to talk about is the Creative Writing Master's  program he hopes to launch at the University of Santa Fe for Art & Design.

Donovan, chair of the Creative Writing and Literature Department, was among a select group of writers who received the 2010 Whiting Writer's Award on October 27. The awards, which come with a $50,000 check, have been given annually since 1985 and past recipients include Michael Cunningham, Tobias Wolff, and Mary Karr-all winners before they were acclaimed, best-selling authors.

While Donovan said he was incredulous and thrilled at the honor, he  was even more excited about the upcoming Creative Writing Master's program. He stressed this was only the beginning of graduate programs at the university and eventually there would be a master's program in all the arts.

With a low student to teacher ratio residency at the University of Santa Fe, there would be greater opportunity for interaction between students and professors. Additionally new internships and future literary symposiums could enhance the student's experience. 

It is Donovan's dream that Santa Fe University become a literary arts hub with a faculty comprising of stellar writers with national reputations, winners of the Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Arts fellowship and National Book Awards. Laureate International Universities has been very supportive in the endeavor. 

The Giles Whiting foundation which was established in 1963 by Flora E. Whiting, awards ten writers of exceptional talent and promise in their early careers, $50,000 dollars. Donovan, graduate of New York University's Creative Writing Program was awarded $50,000, for his poetry collection, "Vellum", published by Mariner/Houghton Mifflin. The Whiting selection committee noted Donovan's "Gorgeousness of detail. Subtle, intelligent, beautifully crafted, these poems are like tapestries in a museum, remarkable as much for the rich artistic life they represent as for the skill with which they were woven."

Donovan will be reading today (Sunday) at the Collected Works Bookstore, located downtown Santa Fe at 202 Galisteo Street, at 4pm

5. Slam Poetry Champion Wakefield Plays Albuquerque (January 27, 2011)

Santa Fe offers a number of venues  for aspiring poets to read, but I recently checked out Albuquerque's Factory Art Space, located at 1715 5th street, Monday night January 24, as it was hosting the two-time individual world poetry slam champion, Bobby Wakefield.  As a poet, I had heard of slam poetry, but I had never attended an event before now and I  have to admit, I had a blast.

Buddy Wakefield was charming, funny and a great performer. He regaled the packed house with anecdotes of his life interlaced with his poetry and self-deprecating jokes accompanied by first a piano, the a ukulele. The theme was uniform throughout his performance: love, letting go of petty resentments and live your life. He ended his spectacular performance by quoting the song "Christmas", "Put your ear to the skies,  my darling and listen/everything whispers I love you".

Wakefield has been featured on NPR, BBC, HBO's Def Poetry jam and recently signed to Ani DiFrancco's righteous babe records. He announced that this year would be his last official tour, he was going to Washington State to concentrate on other projects, but he said slam poetry would always be  apart of his life. 

The event was held in the Kosmos coffee house inside the Factory on the 5th, a converted warehouse sparsely decorated with items from the 1950's, 1960's, and the 1970's. A small stage complete with stage lights and disco ball in the ceiling, a clear tube filled with water bubbling to the top as the tube changed colors, and folding chairs lining the bare floors filling up the entire space of the warehouse. Kosmos serves expressos as well as regular coffee, sodas, teas, muffins and cookies. All in all, an eclectic combination that some how seems to come together to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Kosmos is also home to "The Church of Beethoven" who perform weekly on Sundays at 10:30 AM, and the 5G Art Gallery.

6. Santa Fe's Poet Laureate lives "la vida local"

Joan Logghe, Santa Fe's newest  Poet Laureate, beamed as she talked about creating poetry evennts for children and adults, through readings accompanied by musician Jeremy Bleich. I met up with Logghe at the Zafarano's Starbucks. I was planning to do an interview, to learn more about Logghe, but as I watched the obvious joy and pleasure on her face discussing her role as Santa Fe's Poet Laureate, I forgot what I was going to ask.

It was obvious that Logghe loves to teach, that she loves poetry and she truly enjoys her role as Santa Fe's Poet Laureate.  She was warm, inviting  and filled with passion for what she does. Logghe says she "tries to serve as artist-in-community" and calls what she does "Living la vida local."

I asked Logghe, what she loved best about the job for Poet Laureate,  she replied, "The position allowed her to free lance, choose what projects she wanted to work on, which in turn allowed her to teach two classes adjunct at the Santa Fe Community College."

Logghe says she receives many invitations to various functions and since it's only a two-year position, she accepts every one. She enjoys meeting new people, listening to readings, and continuing to promote interest in poetry.

As an aspiring poet myself, I asked her what words of advice did she have for poets like myself to learn more about the literary community and improve our skills.

Logghe advised: Attend readings with a poet buddy, open mikes, find other peers and groups, read other authors entire works.


I asked her what she does in her free time? “Does a writer have any free time?”

“I don’t have any free time.” She laughed. In between rare moments of time, Logghe hangs out at home, spends time with her girlfriends, and her grandchildren.

Logghe teaches high school Students through “Poets in the School” and elementary children through “Arts Works.” She has taught at Los Alamos, has been with the Ghost Ranch Conference Center as faculty since 1991. Project Director of Write Actions: Writing from the heart of AIDS.

Logghe co-founded “Tres Chicas Books” with Renne’ Gregario and Miriam Sagan. “Tre Chicas Books” published Love and Death: Greatest Hits, an anthology of poetry by Logghe, Gregario, and Sagan. Logghe’s new book ‘Singing Bowl’ published by the University of New Mexico, will be released in April 2011. You can find out about future events and readings on her website.

“The Poet laureate program of the Santa Fe Arts Commission was established in 2005, to promote a meaningful poetic presence as part of the diverse cultural fabric of the city.” Is the overview listed on the Santa Fe Poet Laureate Program website.

7.  D’Agata Meets with Santa Fe University Students

John D’Agata, author of About a Mountain, attended a question and answer session on February 16 with students at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. The session was sponsored by the Creative Writing Revisions Class taught by Matt Donovan, the Faculty Chair of the Creative Writing Department, and Emily Rapp, author of A Poster Child.

D’Agata’s use of composite characters in his non-fiction work has been criticized and lead to a question from one of the students as to how far one can go before a book becomes fiction.

D’Agata explained that in the case of About a Mountain he chose to create composites after making numerous trips to Yucca Mountain with numerous guides. Rather than listing each trip with each tour guide, he created a composite of all the tours by taking specific events from each tour and combining them into one tour.

He also assembled a composite of the tour guides, by combining the personalities of all of them into just one guide. When one does something like this the writer needs to be front with the readers and the publishers, D’Agata said.

Writers need to make their own decision on how far to go. He admitted to reading those reviews that questioned the trustworthiness of his work because of his of composites. But, D’Agata said, the fact remains that the information is all factual and that he only streamlined the tours to keep the book readable.

“The only relationship I want with you is as reader,” D’Agata said. “You’re not my conscious, my priest, or my editor.”

Another student asked “If there were no ethical and moral issues when D’Agata worked at the suicide hotline and used what he learned in his book.”

The author said he came from a family that volunteered a lot and his mother, who was involved with the hotline, suggested he join as well. He admitted he wasn’t very good as a counselor because he couldn’t follow the rules. He received a call one night from a young man whom he thought was the same young man who later committed suicide. This, D’Agata said, was telling. Here was this mountain that the government was expending enormous amount of money and resources on, yet all the while ignoring these young people who are dying.

After twenty-five years of research, still no one knows if it’s safe to store radioactive waste in Yucca Mountain, he said. What is clear after a suicide is that family and friends are left without knowing why? These contrasts represent our lack of capacity to understand and that frustration is the point of the story, D’Agata said.

Concluding his session with the students, D’Agata closed with some words of wisdom: “I don’t want all the information to come up all at once. I like the idea of me as reader meeting the writer halfway. A reading experience for me is where you the reader is pulled into a relationship with the writer.”

D’Agata is also the author of Halls of Fame and editor of the Next American Essay, a collection of experimental nonfiction and the Lost Origins of Essay. He is an Associate Professor in the English Department at the University of Iowa, teaching nonfiction writing.